Travel & Tourism

Los Angeles is where everyone wants to be, and Downtown is at the heart of this travel and tourism boom. Billions of dollars in investment are currently flowing into Downtown Los Angeles to help fulfill the demands of the region’s travel and tourism growth. A record of 41.4 million people visited Los Angeles in 2012, spending more than $16.5 billion in our economy. These numbers are more than just a flash in the pan, they are part of an ongoing travel and tourism surge in Los Angeles. This growing tourism demand is propelling projects like this, which will provide the top tier amenities, service and experience that world-class travelers expect and demand.

The Wilshire Grand project will infuse more than $1 billion into the Los Angeles economy, create critically needed jobs and sustain the city’s booming travel and tourism industry into the future.

  • Creates as many as 11,500 high-paying local jobs for the hard hit construction industry.
  • Supports more than 1,750 permanent jobs annually once the doors open.
  • Generates nearly $80 million in tax revenue for the city and county through the construction phase and an additional $16 million annually in tax revenue upon opening.
  • Offers nearly 20 percent of the rooms necessary for the city to achieve its 5,000 hotel room goal and sustain growth in Downtown travel and tourism.
  • Keeps money in the downtown economy by making major L.A. attractions—Staples Center, L.A. Live, Convention Center, Microsoft Theater, the Walt Disney Concert Hall and many others—more accessible and attractive by offering new transit connections and an additional 1,000 downtown parking spaces.