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Breaking the Record for the Largest Concrete Pour in the World

Gizmodo | Alissa Walker


An under-construction supertall in Los Angeles, soon to be the tallest building on the West Coast, is trying to break another record, too. Starting Saturday, construction crews will pump 21,200 cubic yards of concrete onto the Wilshire Grand site, which might make it the largest continuous foundation pour in the world.

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World Record: Wilshire Grand developers attempt largest continuous concrete pour in history

SCPR | Sanden Totten


This Saturday construction crews at the site of the future Wilshire Grand tower will pour concrete for 20 hours straight.

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Tallest Building in Western U.S. to Start with Big Pour

USA Today | William M. Welch


A new addition to the city's skyline, a hotel and office project that will become the tallest building in the western United States, starts its slow rise this month with a bid for the record books.

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S. Korea tycoon has high hopes for L.A. hotel project

Los Angeles Times | Hugo Martin


The chairman of Hanjin Group dismisses suggestions that it may be a bad time to build the 73-story Wilshire Grand Hotel, saying the U.S. economy will improve.

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At Turner Construction, they dig reshaping the L.A. skyline

Los Angeles Times | Cale Ottens


Workers are pulling the last bit of concrete from the old Wilshire Grand site. A new hotel being built for Korean Air will have 900 guest rooms, double-decker elevators and a rooftop pool.

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Demolition of the Wilshire Grand fascinates passersby

Los Angeles Times | Cale Ottens


As the methodical destruction of the Wilshire Grand Hotel is taking place at two of L.A.'s busiest thoroughfares, observers are impressed with how space is being made for the 73-story Korean Air skyscraper.

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What’s Good for the Environment Can Be Good for Business

Los Angeles Downtown News | Chris Martin


DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Environmentalism and development are often viewed as mutually exclusive practices: One calls up images of “Save the Trees” signs, while the other evokes scenes of large cranes or bulldozers. Typically, we imagine environmentalists and developers on opposing sides.

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The Latest Info on 88 Downtown Projects

Los Angeles Downtown News | Richard Guzman, Jon Regardie and Ryan Vaillancourt


DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES - Once again, the money is pouring into Downtown Los Angeles. As it does, the face of the community continues to change.

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Civic Leaders Trumpet A Revitalized Downtown

USC Price School | Robin Heffler


Los Angeles has yet to match the economic and cultural life of downtowns in cities like Chicago or San Francisco, but it has made great strides over the last two decades, and plans are under way to help accelerate that development

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Amazing Mosaic Mural Discovered Inside Downtown’s Wilshire Grand Hotel

89.3 KPCC | Kevin Ferguson


Last October, crews began tearing down the Wilshire Grand Hotel in downtown Los Angeles so they can build a 71 story hotel, retail and office space. During the process, an exciting discovery was made. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson has the story

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San Francisco, Los Angeles Vie for Tallest Skyscraper

San Mateo County Times | Aaron Kinney


SAN FRANCISCO -- Starry-eyed city leaders boast that the $4.2 billion Transbay Transit Center planned for South of Market will include the tallest building on the West Coast, but they've left out one crucial detail: a tower in Los Angeles that is poised to stretch 30 feet higher.

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Wilshire Grand Architect Takes the Design Personally

CTBUH Global News | Host


Construction is progressing on the long-awaited Wilshire Grand hotel redevelopment project, World Architecture News reports. Designing the 73-story skyscraper, which has been in the planning process for 20 years, was "a very exciting journey," according to architect David Martin of AC Martin

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Hotel surge reflects renaissance in downtown Los Angeles

Travel Weekly|Danny King


LOS ANGELES — If the notion of adding four hotels on a single downtown Los Angeles block within a four-year period gave Bill Marriott pause, having to cut a check to competing businesses cleared that up real quick.

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A family affair: LA’s Wilshire Grand Tower on track to complete in 2017

World Architecture News | Sharon McHugh


Timing is everything as they say. And timing was certainly key for the Wilshire Grand Tower, a 73-storey skyscraper that has been in planning for more than 20 years now and is now destined to become a reality. Designed by David Martin of the Los Angeles based AC Martin Partners, the tower will be the tallest building on the West Coast.

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The West Coast’s Tallest: Wilshire Grand/ AC Martin Partner

Archdaily | Lisa Wronski


Developer Korean Air has recently unveiled the designs for the new 73-story Wilshire Grand tower in the financial district of Los Angeles, California. AC Martin Partners designed the plans for the $1 billion mixed-use office and hotel tower that will reach 1,100 feet, making it the tallest tower west of Chicago once completed.

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