The design of the new Wilshire Grand Center was unveiled on February 7, 2013 by developer Korean Air, Martin Project Management, elected officials and local leaders in front of a massive billboard-size backdrop of the newly imagined Downtown skyline.

The Wilshire Grand Center responds to the Los Angeles culture and climate with an open, energetic environment where indoor and outdoor relationships are created at every practical opportunity.

Amenities consist of unparalleled access to light and air for all office tenants, hotel guests and visitors; a dramatic and lively urban open space; and indoor and outdoor cafes, restaurants and bars.

Spectacular both day and night with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, the vistas from the hotel rooms and office space will be filled with natural light. This will be the first significant building in Los Angeles to have this feature. From an external point of view, this plays well as the Wilshire Grand Center is surrounded by existing buildings that are composed of granite with inset windows. This more glassy expression will portray the building as being “of our time,” a unique contrast to its neighbors.

Sky’s the Limit—New Heights in Design

  • Rising 73 stories above downtown, the Wilshire Grand Center will be the tallest structure west of the Mississippi.
  • The first building in L.A. and one of the first in the country to have a true sky lobby. Visitors will rise to the top floor lobby and be greeted with unparalleled views of the city.
  • The new Wilshire Grand Center will feature a domed top. It is the first building of any height in Downtown since L.A. City Hall to be constructed without a flat roof.
  • The project will be one of the most advanced, sophisticated, sustainable and unique buildings in Southern California.
  • Pedestrian friendly access to downtown, as well as local regional transit connections.

International Elegance Meets L.A. Chic

  • From the sky lobby to exposed sky views, every tier of the building will enjoy open air space and gardens to allow visitors to experience what makes Southern California a great place to live.
  • 900 state-of-the-art four-star hotel rooms operated by the InterContinental Hotel Group will be the standard bearer for elite travel accommodations in L.A. complemented with world-class dining, the new Wilshire Grand Center will be the place to be in the city. 
  • Ballrooms, which typically are built without windows, will feature glass windows that open to floral gardens
  • Embracing L.A.’s climate, each room will feature operable windows to enhance the guest experience.